Sacrifice of a little bit of “doing” for a little bit of “being”

As simple and easy as it is to sit and practice Vedic meditation, the sacrifice of a little bit of “doing” for a little bit of “being” can seem to be a challenge.
The busy-ness of life is highly addictive, there is always stuff to be done, problems to be solved, and a million reasons as to why we don’t have time. When we break the exhausting cycle of “doing” and connect with “being” we emerge refreshed, revitalised and highly sensitive to the greatest need of the time. Action fuelled by stress makes way for action fuelled by rest and we begin to function the way in which nature intends. Spontaneous right thinking, right acting. Productive “doing” that is in-line with our own evolution and serves the entire planet.
With the narrative of “human impact” weaving its way into the collective mind, with a strong focus on the negative aspect, it is vital that we realise our role in this one big beautiful story. Us humans are not separate from nature. We are nature! And we have a role to play. How do we perform this role, we listen to what nature intends and we do it. How do we listen? We meditate!

jasson salisburyComment